Foto – Steven Lew

Un alt artist din cadrul Galei Traficantului de Cultură Internaţional din Oradea este Steven Lew, care va expune o serie de fotografii realizate chiar în oraşul nostru! 🙂

Pentru că Steven este malaezian, dar are o engleză impecabilă, vă las mai departe cu rândurile scrise de el:

Eight weeks ago, I arrived in Oradea, Romania to be part of the organizing committee of Gala Traficantului de Cultură Internaţional under Fundația Alternative România. I am a student who is currently pursuing civil engineering in Malaysia. Although my internship here in Romania is not directly related to my studies, it is a good opportunity for me to discover more about this region of the world, to make this gala truly inter-cultural and to further develop myself as an individual.

A few weeks back, there was an idea from the art director to include a photography exhibition in the gala to show more of Sonnenfeld Palace (the event venue) to the participants. As I have great interest in photography, I took up the role of taking photos for the exhibition.

Taking photos of the palace was truly a new experience for me. The palace was pretty much an abandoned building. The interior was lit only with natural lightings from the windows. Compartments in the palace were of different sizes, linking from one to another, making the interior feels like a mini-maze. The condition of the palace made me felt that the previous occupants left the building in a state of emergency. There was one room which is extremely messed up with used clothes lying everywhere, from the dusty old furniture to the worn-out parquet floor. There were broken pieces of glass on the floor. And old pieces of dried paints can be seen peeling from its ceiling. All these scenes were photographed prior to its transformation for the gala.

Being able to have a photo exhibition of mine is something that I did not expect out of joining the organizing team of the event. In fact, it will be my very first photo exhibition. Although I will be returning to my home country sooner than the gala would happen, my artwork will remain, and I hope that they will leave an impact on the gala in Oradea.


About GTCI

GTCI este un eveniment cultural care are ca scop promovarea producţiilor experimentale, într-un efort de a face ca şi oraşul Oradea să devină vizibil în sfera internaţională a artelor şi a circuitului cultural. Printre secţiunile acestei gale se numără piese de teatru, concerte, filme, arte vizuale, expoziţii de fotografie, ateliere de teatru şi lansări de carte. Artiştii invitaţi sunt din România şi din străinătate. Pentru mai multe informaţii, ne puteţi scrie la! View all posts by GTCI

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